Bee Swarm Rescued From NYC's Grand Central Station

Bee Swarm Rescued From NYC's Grand Central Station

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PHOTO: @NYPDBees/Twitter

While fire departments are hard at work rescuing cats from trees, the NYPD has its hands full with another kind of rescue mission: a bee swarm.

Yup, New York City’s law enforcement has their own resident beekeepers: Detective Daniel Higgins & P.O. Darren Mays. Yesterday, the duo set out for Grand Central Station, which was abuzz with more than hectic travelers dashing between trains. A swarm of about 4,000 bees had landed on a light post outside of the station.

This swarm was smaller than most, the officers told NY1 News. Swarms typically have as many as 20,000 bees. Perhaps in the Big Apple, honeybees have to divide an conquer.

It took the beekeeping officers about an hour to capture the swarm. NBD. Just another day for our men in blue.

Watch the video: Grand Central Station To White Plain, New York by Metro-North Rail (July 2022).


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