All You Need Is The Sun To Cook With This Stove

All You Need Is The Sun To Cook With This Stove

PHOTO: GoSun Stove/Facebook

If you love to cook outside but want something a little more sustainable and energy-efficient, the GoSun Stove may be for you. You need nothing more than the sun … and whatever food you want to cook up.

According to Tech Crunch, the GoSun Stove “uses a unique design that directs sunlight towards a cylinder, which the company says can heat up to 550 degrees in some models in 10 to 20 minutes. The food cooks inside a solar evacuated tube that absorbs more than 80% of the sunlight reflected onto the tube. The design captures light from a broad range of angles, allowing the GoSun to keep on cooking while the sun moves across the sky.” It can even be used in winter—it’ll stay warm even when clouds conceal the sun.

GoSun offers various models, including the GoSun Sport ($279) and the GoSun Grill ($599). The GoSun Sport is currently available while the GoSun Grill is expected to be released this summer. Both sound like a great way to cook without fuel.

Visit the GoSun Stove website to learn more about the product.

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