ALBC Annual Conference: Register Today!

ALBC Annual Conference: Register Today!

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Register today for the 2008 Annual Conference of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC).

The Theme:
Multi-Tasking Livestock: Adapted Breeds for Productive Farms

The Dates:
September 19-21, 2008

The Location:
Tillers International (learn more about Tillers and other educational venues) in Scotts, Michigan.

You can register online or submit the conference brochure.
But don’t delay: the deadline is Monday, September 1!

For details, visit the ALBC website or call 919-542-5704

More About the Conference
ALBC conferences always feature informative seminars. This year’s focus on integrating multi-tasking livestock for productive farms. Tillers International, where the conference will be held, will help to demonstrate the value of multi-tasking livestock breeds.

You’ll also want to come for the food! The ALBC conference will feature special meals that include rare breeds in the menu on Friday and Saturday nights!

Plus, enjoy the opportunity to network and share experiences, successes and plans. Download the conference brochure for more details. BONUS: ALBC breeds posters, T-shirts and much more are now available for purchase online. Visit

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