A Garden That Lets You Grow Veggies In Your Apartment

A Garden That Lets You Grow Veggies In Your Apartment

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If you live in an apartment, especially in a big, dense city, chances are the space you have is small, which means no room for growing and maintaining your own garden. You either have to find a community garden, a local farmers market or a really great organic grocery store to eat top-quality food. Apartment dwellers, if you’d rather grow your own produce, this product may be for you.

It’s called the U-ING Green Farm Tri-Tower Hydroponic Grow Box, and it provides you with three shelves to plant things like berries, lettuce, tomatoes and more, according to Japan Trend Shop. Two of the shelves are 6.7 inches tall, and the last one is 10.6 inches. The unit comes with an internal temperature, timer function, germination mode, day counter, water level measurer, AC adapter and starter seed kit. The starter kit includes basil and tomato seeds.

At 14.4-by-20.3-by-45.4 inches, the Tri-Tower Hydroponic Grow Box can fit even the smallest of apartments or homes. There are, however, two cons:

  1. If you don’t read Japanese you won’t understand the instructions.
  2. The unit costs $1,930 U.S. plus $1,287 for shipping, so you’re paying $3,217 to have a garden in your apartment.

Perhaps you’d be better up setting your own hydroponic system, but to learn more about this product, visit Japan Trend Shop.

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